Be the Change, Make a Difference

This weekend my husband and I took a much needed break and headed to Pismo beach. We opted to take the long route and drive the costal highway all the way down. It was a beautiful drive, but I’m pretty sure we were both quietly saying “Are we there yet” by the last 30 minutes.

Nonetheless we arrived and our view was breathtakingly beautiful. It’s always a good day when you arrive at your newfound hotel and it actually matches the photos and descriptions online. I was thankful! For three days we rested, worked a little, and ventured out to check out the sites and restaurants of course. 

Our last day we went into San Luis Obispo to check out Cal Poly and then ended up at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Our waitress was really sweet and we both were feeling God had something special for her. Keith left to go add money to the parking meter and I stayed to finish eating. As I sat there I began to pray and ask God what he had for this young girl. I was immediately reminded of the $20 bill in my purse, I rarely carry cash so I was thankful it was there. I grabbed the bill and then waited to see what I should say. Another waitress came to check on me so I asked her to get ours. As soon as our waitress came over, I handed her the $20 and told her it was for her.  I then started sharing with her what I was sensing. She bent down and looked me straight in the eyes and just listened. Her response was beautiful. It makes me get emotional just thinking about it. I watched her eyes fill with tears as I was talking and by the end she was crying and had a smile as wide as her face. She thanked me over and over & said that was exactly what she needed for that specific day. 

People serve us every day whether it be at our workplace, the grocery store, bank, post office, police department, etc. I think sometimes we forget that those people are people just like us. Everyone has a story and everyone is walking through something that they need hope for.  It doesn’t matter where they are in the world or what they are doing, people need encouragement… and everyday we have a choice.

Will we be the one that is kind, respectful, and encouraging rather than being “that customer”?  Will we be the one that will shine, stand out and be God’s hand of hope for someone?   It doesn’t mean that if we step out there and take a risk that we won’t be nervous, or get butterflies etc. But I promise the reward afterwards will be well worth it!

If you’re out and about today I challenge you to make a difference in someone’s life.  How can you bring a smile to someone’s face today? What can you do to make a memory for them that will last a life time?  It doesn’t have to cost a lot money, just do what you can. Use your creative mind to be the change you wish to see in the world! You can do this! Let’s be the one telling the stories & not just reading about them from others!  

I’d love to hear your stories! #acts2016 

Have a Beauty filled day,


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