Reaching for Your Dreams

Here’s a little follow up to my previous post  “Embracing your Reality”.

Here are a few pointers on How to Embrace Your Reality and Reach for Your Dreams. Sometimes it’s challenging trying to come up with a plan when your dream seems so big. Or maybe you have no clue what you’d really like to be doing. That’s totally ok, we all have had those moments and I definitely have time and time again. I have currently been in through my own process the last several months. I promise you these steps will at least get you moving forward in the right direction. If anything it will make you think. 

Begin by asking yourself the following question:   If time or money wasn’t an issue what would you be doing right now? 

  • Give yourself time to really think about this question then start making a list, (allow yourself to dream big here).  If it’s difficult to dream big, start small with the first things that come to your mind, then just write them down. As you begin to write more things will come to mind. You can always go back later and refine your list, in fact you definitely will need to, but let yourself dream big first. Think Walt Disney big, ” If you can dream it you can do it.” If you can currently achieve your dream on your own, then you’re not dreaming quite big enough. 

Ask yourself  the another question.

  • Are there things in my life I need to start saying no to, in order to say yes to the things on my dream list?  If so make another list, (Can you tell I like lists?)  It’s ok to start saying no and checking things off of that list. In fact you’ll have to become good at saying the word no.  Trust me it’s not easy if you are good at saying yes, especially if you like to make everyone happy. That is definitely over rated, I’ve done it most of my life and it doesn’t get you anywhere in the long run except living in a frustrated state. Trust me, saying no if you really don’t have a yes is much better than living frustrated.  
  • Take action. Look at your list, What are some things you can begin doing now that line up with what you wrote down?
  • Make a vision board and come up with a plan.  Vision boards are great tools to help keep your dream in front of you.
  • Don’t be afraid to start small. It’s good to test your dreams/ideas. It’s ok to try something to see if it’s really for you. In fact its really important that you do. For example,  If you have big dreams about living in another country but you’ve never even left the country or city that you live in, it’s time to take a trip! Do you have a passport? What’s that you ask?… Exactly my point, there are always first steps to take, & to see things take shape you have to be willing to take them or you’ll never move forward.
  • Believe in yourself & believe in your dream. It’s in your heart for a reason. What is it that makes you come alive? Why does it make you come alive? Find that reason & it will launch you forward to see what’s in your heart become a reality.

Obviously this is just a start, but if you do these things you’ll be further than you were yesterday.

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  • Amanda hildebrand
    August 2, 2016

    Love your blog! I am going to write down these questions in my notebook 😉
    I’ve always had tons of dreams ever since I was a little girl. Being a dancer, painter, singer, traveler, boutique owner etc. but if you grow up with negative family and no encouragement it’s hard to keep that passion alive. Thanks for inspiring me to take the first step of really aknowledging my dreams( even if they don’t work out) because I believe God does put desires in our heart for a reason. Xoxo

    Amanda hildebrand